Los simuladores de conducción, la razón de ser de los pilotos

Hace poco recibimos la visita de la revista Autopista en las instalaciones de DriveX para realizar un reportaje de simulación. Contamos con probador de lujo, Miguel Ángel de Castro:


El vídeo resumen de la mañana que pasamos probando nuestro dispositivos está en el siguiente:

Autopista: Los simuladores de conducción

Desde aquí agradecer a todo el equipo de DriveX por su confianza en nosotros y a Autopista por mostrar la cercanía de los simuladores al mundo real.

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Logykal gauge

We are so close to finish our next device: Logykal gauge. We designed and developed an electronic board to control up 4 tachometers, like the next video:

Available too soon at our LogykalStore.

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Next Level: Oculus Rift + Logykal Software

The next entry doesn’t need a long explanation. Our purpose is to integrate this great device into our systems. Ander Díaz made a video to test both devices, Oculus Rift + Logykal Software:

Thanks so much Ander! Have fun!

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After the summer holidays…

… we’ll back to the daily work. Everyone need a free days to be relaxed and to recharge the batteries. We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays, there are new news inside the sim-racing world.

Logykal team is ready to get new products, new improvements in our software, new partnership, etc. So, these are our important news:

  • We changed our contact mail. If you need more infor about us, a detailed quote, plese email us at: logykal.team@gmail.com
  • We opened a Twitter account at: @LogykalTeam

F1 Wheel 2014

We are very close to get ready our new F1 wheel with paddle shift + quick release. Plesa, watch the next video about our F1 Wheel test:

It will be available too soon for G25,G27 and TR500 at our LogykalStore.

See you on the track!

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Development news June 2014

These past few months have been pretty hectic and we haven’t had much time to keep you posted on the progress of the projects that are underway at the moment.We attended two events that have kept us extremely busy:

  • Madrid Motor Show, in the 3M stand with our partner DriveX, where we were visited by Chip Foose.

    Motion cockpit at 3M event

    Motion cockpit at 3M event

  • Rioja Party, which is an event that is held every year (this was the 12th edition) in the town of Haro, La Rioja, Spain. It was attended by more than 300 people, who were connected to all types of games and, of course, simulators.

    Logykal at RiojaParty

    Logykal at RiojaParty

The simulation cockpit worked round theclock during the events. After 60 gruelling hours, everything was still running smoothly, as expected.

During this time we have made progress on:

  • F1 Wheel. We are preparing a large-enough stock of F1 2013 steering wheels that can be used with any commercial steering wheel (G25/27, TR500S, etc.). We are also manufacturing shift paddles that can be integrated into the steering wheel.
F1 Wheel 2013

F1 Wheel 2013

F1 wheel paddle shift

F1 wheel paddle shift

  • Our Logykal high-resolution electronic cards for axes and an output for the vibration of a motor (to simulate the ABS of the cars) are already available.
  • The development of the control card to support the tachometers is entering its final stage. We hope to have it available shortly.
Tachometer firmware

Tachometer firmware

  • Finally, we have launched a project for an electronic card to control up to 12 motors.
Electronics card

Electronics card

Remember we have a Facebook page where we include all these updates, and a LogykalStore where you can buy all these components.

We hope you have a great summer, either on holidays or behind your wheel/HOTAS!

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Logykal Motion Cockpit en el salón del automóvil

Los días 22 y 23 de Mayo de 2014 tendremos dos Logykal Motion Cockpit en el stand de 3M en el salón del automóvil de Madrid, que se celebrará en el IFEMA. Hemos sido invitados por nuestro partner DriveX, del cual 3M es espónsor, para mostrar al público asistente al evento nuestros cockpits de movimiento.

Nuestros cockpits están listos para ser transportados por el equipo al salón.

Logykal Motion Cockpits

Logykal Motion Cockpits

Logykal Motion Cockpits

Logykal Motion Cockpits

Os invitamos a visitarnos en el stand de 3M, donde podréis probar nuestros cockpits y deleitaros con los coches de competición de DriveX.

Porsche de DriveX

Porsche de DriveX

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Lince v1.2 released

After a long time in the works, we are proud to announce the new release of Lince v1.2. It include many corrections, additions and tweaks. We still have more we want to add to it and there are still a couple areas we need to update, but overall it’s a big change from the last version.

Lince v1.2

The changelogs are:

  • New black Skin with our official logo
  • New USB driver for F1 Display
  • New installer file
  • Support to our new Axis Controller (Brake mod)
  • Corrected Assetto Corsa, pCars, GTR2, Kart Racing Pro telemetry info
  • New DCS: World script
  • New vibration effects
  • Internal kernel changes
  • Added Lince Remote for Android devices
Lince Remote v1.0

Lince Remote v1.0

Lince v1.2 is available in our LogykalStore:



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Logykal, Technical Partner of DriveX

DriveX is an organisation that was created by Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and Miguel Ángel de Castro. Its goal is to apply their experience in top-level competition to the organisation of complete sporting events, and to give companies, manufacturers and private users the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience on wheels.


DriveX relies on Logykal as techinacl partner for the development and implementation of a motion system for its professional simulator, designed to train its racing drivers.

The Logykal team has the necessary experience in the design and development of this type of systems. The collaboration with DriveX will move the simulation world closer to the racing world so that we can give our clients products that have been tested by professional teams.

We will be uploading more detailed information on the simulator in the coming days.


DriveX es una organización que fue fundada por Pedro Martínez de la Rosa y Miguel Angel de Castro, con la intención de trasladar su experiencia en la alta competición a la organización integral de eventos deportivos, ofreciendo a empresas, fabricantes y particulares la posibilidad de vivir una experiencia inolvidable sobre ruedas.

DriveX ha confiado en Logykal como partner tecnológico, en el desarrollo e implantación de un sistema de movimiento para su simulador profesional, destinado al entrenamiento de sus pilotos de competición.

El equipo Logykal dispone de la experiencia necesaria en el diseño y desarrollo de este tipo de sistemas. La colaboración con DriveX, proporcionará el acercamiento necesario, del mundo de la simulación con la competición y así ofrecer a nuestros clientes, productos probados por equipos profesionales.

En los próximos días, pondremos información más detallada del simulador.

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Lince 1.2 preview

We are near to close the last Lince v1.2. We added new features:

  • Support to Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • New vibration effect
  • Lince Remote (coming soon on Google Play Store and Apple Store)

And we solved several bugs:

  • Kart Racing Pro motion
  • GTR2 Angles
  • Added new telemetry data from Assetto Corsa

The next video show you the vibration feature:

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LogykalStore link

We have had a few problems with our store link, so please use the following one (Paypal and bank transfers are working):



Edit. 2014/04/11. We restored our store link:


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